Brookside Junior High

February 18th, 2020

African Heritage Month Fact
In 2018, Viola Desmond became the first black person featured on Canadian money. In 1946, Viola was arrested for refusing to leave an area reserved for white customers in a movie theatre. She fought back against the unfair treatment, but lost her case.

There will be a yearbook meeting tomorrow at lunch. Please eat lunch as quickly as possible and meet in the computer lab once you have finished eating.

Girl’s Basketball:
There will be a girl’s basketball practice today after school from 2-4.  Please be sure to have drives arranged.
On Thursday, girl’s basketball will be hosting the Regional qualifier game starting at 3:30.

Band Practice:
There is band practice today for Jazz/Performance band @ lunch.

Lunch Today:
Grade 6 and 8s in the cafeteria first
Art Club → Rm 213

GSA → Rm 109

Chill Out Zone → Rm 105

African Heritage Month Readers’ Theatre
Students participating in the African Heritage Month Readers’ Theatre will have their next practice today from 12-1 in the resource room.  Please check in with your teachers for attendance, and attend only with teacher permission.