Brookside Junior High

February 11th, 2020

African Heritage Month Fact
Did you know that Canada became known as a land of Freedom? Many  enslaved people from the U.S.A. left their homes and came to Canada to escape slavery. Thousands and thousands of people came to Canada via the Underground Railroad. It wasn’t an actual railroad, but a secret network of people and places that were safe and would help escaping African Americans.

Show your love for reading! Track your reading today to help us reach our goal of reading 150 hours in one day. If we reach our goal, the whole school gets a special treat!

There will be a yearbook meeting tomorrow at lunch. Please eat lunch quickly and meet in the computer lab as soon as possible once you are done eating.

Grade 9s - O2 Program
Grade 9 students interested in applying to the O2 Program are reminded that their applications are due to Ms. Meehan by Friday, February 14th! You also need to make sure that you’ve given a teacher reference sheet to one of your teachers. Extra copies are on the door outside Ms. Meehan’s office!

Grade 7 Immersion
A reminder to any grade 6 students planning to go into French Immersion next year that you are asked to bring your signed form back to the main office asap.

There will be badminton practice at lunch Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Bake Sale and Cupcake Walk
The Me to We Team is putting on a Valentine’s Bake Sale and Cupcake Walk tomorrow at lunch in the Library. $2 for baked goods and $1 to participate in the cupcake walk. All money raised goes to We Villages.

Girls Basketball
Brookside girls will play against Rocky Lake today @ 3:00pm. Spectators are reminded to be respectful at all times. Go Bobcats!!

Today is show your love for reading day. If every student reads 30 minutes today, we will exceed our goal of 150 hours of reading. Ask your teacher for a tracking ticket.
Tomorrow is: Show your love for your favourite team! Wear professional or high school teams or a team you play on.

Lunch Activities
Grade 7 band have band practice
Art Club in Ms. Broadbelt’s room 213
GSA in room 109
Lunch Hour
All students may go outside from 11:00-11:52
Students are reminded you must choose a location and remain there. You are not to be roaming the halls.