Brookside Junior High

February 5th, 2020

African Heritage Month Fact
The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is the richest person in the world. But who was the richest person of all time? Mansa Musa! In the 14th century, he was the emperor of the Mali Empire in West Africa. Mali had a lot of gold and because he was the ruler, Mansa Musa owned it all. He was richer than anyone can describe.

Badminton Try-outs
Badminton tryouts will finish today at lunch. There will be a list up outside the cafeteria of the players who should attend. Thank you to everyone who came to try out.

African Heritage Month Play
All students who signed up for the African Heritage Month play will have their first practice this Friday at lunch.  Please bring your lunch to Ms. Moshett’s room at 11.

Girls Basketball
Girls basketball practice tomorrow, Thursday, after school 2-3:30.  Please make sure to have drives arranged

Grade 9 - O2 Applications
Grade 9s are reminded to get their O2 applications into the office by Friday February 14th.  Teachers your recommendations are due to Ms. Meehan as on February 14th also.

YSPACE is offered by the ROC/PRCC in partnership with the WYCA Halifax.  Open New Tab (ONT) is a revitalization of the WYCA Youth Programs. The new programs, including GirlSpace, GuySpace, and YSpace, are dynamic, community-responsive, and incorporate best practices in program delivery & community development.
While the program offered will be called YSPACE it will combine elements from all three Open New Tab programs; GirlSpace, BoySpace & YSPACE
The program will be free of charge & will be open to local Jr. High School students.
The program is voluntary for the youth to join & pre-registration is not required. YWCA staff will be on-site to hang out with the youth from 2-3pm in the gymnasium, followed by some guided discussion & light snacks from 3-4pm.
The program will be offered on Tuesdays, bi-weekly, from 2-4pm after school.
February 4th & 18th
March 3rd & 31st
April 14th & April 28th
May 12th & May 26th
June 9th & June 23rd

Hackergals is tomorrow, Thursday, at lunch