Brookside Junior High

February 3rd, 2020

Badminton Tryouts
Badminton tryouts this week will take place at lunch time. 
Monday-Grade 9 boys/girls
Tuesday- Grade 7 and 8 boys/girls.

This month is African Heritage Month - please listen daily to learn something new!
Did you know that … Black History Month was founded by an African-American historian named Carter Woodson. He picked February because two important men were born in that month - Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln. In 1995, Canada’s government officially recognized February as Black History Month.

Gr 9 Yoga Program will start today for any girl who handed in a permission form. Please come prepared for a physical practice. Class will be in room 112 from 1 - 2pm.

Girls Basketball there will be a girls basketball practice today from 2:00-3:30pm.

Lunch hour changes
All students may go outside from 11:00-11:52
Students must choose a location and remain there
For the month of February Grade 6/8s are in the cafeteria from 11:00-11:25 and Grade 7/9s are in the cafeteria from 11:25 -11:52
Library 7/9s – 6/8s
Band → Gr. 7
Crochet Club → Rm 207