Brookside Junior High

February 4th, 2020

Tuesday, February 4th - Week 1

Badminton Tryouts
Badminton tryouts this week will take place at lunch time. 
Tuesday- Grade 7 and 8 boys/girls.

African Heritage Month Fact
Africa is home to Egypt. Ancient  Egypt is one o f the world’s longest lasting civili zations. Ancient Egyptians designed and built amazing structures such as the pyramids of Gi za and the Sphinx. Every year, Egypt welcomes millions of visitors from around the world who come to see these structures.

YSPACE is offered by the ROC/PRCC in partnership with the WYCA Halifax.  Open New Tab (ONT) is a revitalization of the WYCA Youth Programs. The new programs, including GirlSpace, GuySpace, and YSpace, are dynamic, community-responsive, and incorporate best practices in program delivery & community development.
While the program offered will be called YSPACE it will combine elements from all three Open New Tab programs; GirlSpace, BoySpace & YSPACE
The program will be free of charge & will be open to local Jr. High School students.
The program is voluntary for the youth to join & pre-registration is not required. YWCA staff will be on-site to hang out with the youth from 2-3pm in the gymnasium, followed by some guided discussion & light snacks from 3-4pm.
The program will be offered on Tuesdays, bi-weekly, from 2-4pm after school.

February 4th & 18th
March 3rd & 31st
April 14th & April 28th
May 12th & May 26th
June 9th & June 23rd

African Heritage Month Play
If there are any students who have not already signed up to take part in this month’s African Heritage play who are interested, please see Ms. Moshett at some point today.

Missing Wallet
If anyone lost a wallet on the ski trip on Friday, please see Ms. Cochrane and describe it to her. She might have it.
Girls Basketball - Our girls basketball team will be playing their first playoff game today @ 3:00pm against Ridgecliff. Go Bobcats!!

Lunch hour changes

All students may go outside from 11:00-11:52
Students must choose a location and remain there
For the month of February Grade 6/8s are in the cafeteria from 11:00-11:25 and Grade 7/9s are in the cafeteria from 11:25 -11:52

Today @ lunch
Art Club @ lunch in Ms. Broadbelt’s room
GSA @ lunch in room 109
Band rehearsal is cancelled for today.